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Plotting “Bank Levels” - What are they?

As always, I have been perusing YouTube for that sweet, juicy free education on forex and interpreting chart data. I am always eager to hear different points of view, and I always like to respect those that trade with levels of significance and price action.
Recently I have stumbled across Paul Langham of ExactTrading (I think that’s his group, haven’t gone to website or anything).
His videos discuss his heavy utilization of “Bank Levels” which he references plotted across his chart. He also mentions “weeklies” and “monthlies” when he does this as well.
Does anyone here know what these are or how they are plotted? Is it simply weekly highs and lows across his charts? By no means do I consider his charts cluttered, but there are just a bit too many lines for it to be the last month/week highs and lows. And he specifically never calls the lines pivots either, making me think they aren’t just larger timeframe pivots.
I would love to just see what my charts look like with Bank Levels, if there is anyone here willing to help me out if you know how to find/plot!
YouTube for reference:
Thanks in advance!
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Price Action Trading Setups That Work (ft. Paul Langham)

This was the kickoff of our new Video Podcast Show called, "The Traders Vibe" featuring Mr. Paul Langam who worked for some major banks in the UK such as Barclays. Mr. Langham is now a retail ... In episode 80 of the Desire To Trade Podcast, I interview Paul Langham, a Forex trader based in Belgium with a very good understanding of price movements and how the different players interact in ... For this event, I am joined by price action Forex trader Paul Langham. We cover price action setups that work in the Forex market and answer your questions about price action. To hear the full interview visit In the Forex and Futures Markets for over 25 years, worked for some major European and UK banks. As a Price action Forex Trader who placed his first trade ov... Uploads from Paul Langham Paul Langham; 284 videos; 5,360 views; Updated 5 days ago; Play all Share. Loading... BITCOIN + TULIP MANIA + DOT COM MILLIONAIRES = FAKE NEWS by Paul Langham. 10:50. EUR ... Paul Langham from Exact Trading Price Action Forex Traders Trading markets since 1974